Welcome to the Kirlew family tree web page. The information on this page is not my work. The information comes from various sources including Christopher Duncan, Edward Preston, Clive Page, Richard Kirlew, Steve Sykes and Sharon Allred.

A great place to start if you are interested is http://www.ancestry.co.uk where Steve Sykes and others have a large and growing Sykes/Kirlew family tree.

Many thanks to all the researchers. The software in use is Webtrees.

The information published here does not 'work' as a family tree in that there are areas that do not tie together and duplicate entries. So beware and please do not treat this as authoritative.

This link is to the current version webtrees.kirlew.info.

Change Log

15th November 2009 - Steve Sykes has written to me a while back asking about the Adelaide branch of the Kirlew's which I pass on here:

... have been doing some tree tidying and came across a UK Passenger List entry for Joe Kirlew b 1914 Sculcoates Hull.

Together with his wife, Lilian A Baker and 3 daughters Joan E, Victoria A and Nora E, he travels to Adelaide in 1955 . I assume as this is the entire family that they are emigrating to Oz. I do not have a marriage record but each Birth has a Mother of Baker.

Jamaica I am still trying to get the Jamaican Kirlew's organised in my head. I can't get it right, I need to place Frederick Kirlew 1845, have a look at the Jamaican page if you have any updates I would be very happy!

Easter Friday 2009 - Clive Page has sent me a set of corrections for the Woods which has been entered.

Also if anyone has any information on Ambrose Kirlew that would be most gratefully received.

Update Steve Sykes has put together a set of data around Ambrose Kirlew, which I have yet to fold in.

Sunday, 12 October, 2008 - Edward Prestonís work on George Kirlew, George was born 31 December 1799 in Hemingbrough, Yorkshire, England. The eleventh of thirteen children, George went to Jamaica about 1807-1808 see jamaicanfamilysearch.com for more.

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